Fusion light EN C

kr 47100kr 50500

Fusion Light is the light version of the Fusion. It is available in sizes S, M and ML. 

Built extensively with Porcher Skytex 27g and light weight dyneema risers, the Fusion Light is livelier, lighter, more compact and has a more direct handling and feel.

We’ve managed to improve the speed range and the overall performance slightly, making our EN C glider even better. The fun factor and real performance of this glider is truly amazing

Like it’s original brother, Fusion Light is a game changer!

We have introduced a pulley on the floating B riser, which gives a true 2-liner feel as well as lighter rear riser control, integrating the hybrid 3-2 line layout in harmony and efficiency.

We believe the Fusion Light will be the perfect glider for many adventures, hike & fly missions or just the perfect companion for your next flight.

We are happy that the Fusion Light is certified, as it is the favourite glider of our team pilots, and it can now be appreciated and enjoyed by intermediate pilots who like the practicality of a 3 liner glider and the efficiency of a purebred 2 liner racer.


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