Flow Mystic EN-C

kr 51750kr 54250

WoHoo.. Nå er den på vei! Lettvekts 2-liner EN-C fra Flow!

Vi har nå pre-ordre kampanje på hele 20% ut februar måned!!

Størrelsene S og M er klare for levering i mars.

Mystic is our two-liner EN-C glider, inheriting Flaw’s racing pedigree. Meticulously engineered with a focus on true performance, it is lightweight and durable. Smart material choices contribute to its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring ease of use, durability, and practicality.

Incorporating our latest-generation shark nose airfoil with a completely redesigned section and bottom camber, it provides unparalleled comfort in flight. This allows pilots to confidently push the glider to its limits, enabling them to concentratefu fly on the surrounding airmass and aerology. Its compact aspect ratio and light 2-liner rear riser steering give an unmatched connection between the glider and pilot -to the extent that one can feel as one with the Mystic.

When it comes to landing the Mystic, the new airfoil allows pilots to slow the glider down incredibly easily, finding the smallest spot to land with plenty of warning and control about the stall speed.

Tailored for pilots engaged in X-Alps-type competitions or participating in the SRS series, the Mystic can turn into a real racing machine. Naturally, it is also the perfect everyday glider due to its carefree nature and easy handling. For some pilots, it can be the perfect glider for a relaxing afternoon soar, while for others, it will be the glider they use to win competitions.

Nitinol rods are strategically integrated into its construction, allowing for easy compression and compact packing. The Nitinol rods and internal structure give the Mystic extremely easy inflation characteristics, allowing pilots to launch with confidence from tricky launches.

The use of cutting-edge materials from the industry ensures that Mystic delivers both an enjoyable and easy flying experience, all while maintaining class-leading performance.

Flat Area 21.00 IT’2 22.7 m2 24.1 m2 26.00 m2
PROJECTED AREA 17.89 m2 19.29 m2 20.51 m2 22.12m2
Flat Wingspan 11.82 m 12.86 m 12.66 m 13.15 m
PROJECTED SPAN 9.48 m 9.90 m 10.20 m 13.15 m
Aspect Ratio 6.55 6.55 6.55 6.55
Projected AR 5.01 5.01 5.01 5.01
Max Chord 2.28 2.34 2.42 2.51
Number of cells 63 63 63 63
GLIDER WEIGHT 3.2 kg 3.5 kg 3.8kg 4.1kg
Take Off Weight 65-85 kg 80-95 kg 90-108 kg 100-120 kg
Certification LTF/EN C LTr/EN C LTr/EN C LTr/EN C

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