Loco EN-C

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The Loco is the fastest glider we ever made. The top end-speed reaches 70km/h (full bar full load,) which is insane, fast and stable at the same time. And the gliding is not bad either. Stephans words… 🙂




your Loco – #wackyracer package


  • Glider
  • AirPack 50/50
  • Goodies
  • Repair Materials and AirDesign Stickers

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A miniwing of this size feels not so much different to a normal PG. Of course you will notice a little more airspeed, especially if high in the weight range. This is due to the fact that the Loco is a very well-behaved wing. No surprises as it scored mostly A-ratings during EN certification tests. The C-rating only comes from being a 2-liner and therefore requires the use of extra lines to make collapses for the test. It has a wide weight range making it accessible to many pilots. If you have flown a mini wing of around 16m this wing will hold no surprises, apart from its remarkably efficient glide. It launches very easily and reacts fast to brake or weight shift, as you would expect. Brake length is quite long, which is normal for 2-liners, but this gives a nice progressive pressure, therefore no risk of accidental stall. You dont need much brake even for steep turns. In the air you have a solid wing that manages its self very well. Not as Loco as you might expect! It has great stability in pitch, and roll is predictable for a wing of this size. Gentle weight shift is best for any miniwing to fly efficiently, as it will soon bank up and roll quite easily when you want it to. The impressive speed helps dampen turbulence as it cuts through the air very well. Even with thermals it wants to lead you into the carve and with a delicate touch it can actually thermal very well. It does not require any special attention if you are already an active pilot.

It is very light which helps launch easily and the simple risers are easy to arrange. Perfect for mountain adventures. Using the wooden handles for rear riser steering is great fun. If you have not flown a mini wing before do not feel put off by this 2-liner “speed machine”. I think it is perfectly reasonable as a first miniwing for an experienced pilot who understands the differences of flying a smaller wing size, and is prepared to learn gradually with respect for the wing and weather conditions. As you should with any change in equipment begin with calm conditions and increase gradually. When you push full speed on this wing then you will see why they named it Loco! Get in touch to try it for yourself.



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