Flow RPM 2



FLOW RPM 2 is a revolutionary PPG design.

A completely new design incorporating enhaced features from the previous version. RPM2 is full-reflex XC wing offering incredible efficiency and stability even at extreme configurations.

RPM 2 is one of the fastest PPGs in the market reaching speeds up to 80km/h. The RollerCam 2 trimmers are a new addition making the controls smoother and easier to operate.

Higher levels of pitch stability and efficiency are due to our “efficient full reflex” profile combined with our VPA system.


  • Shark nose efficient full reflex aerofoil.
  • RollerCam 2 trimmers
  • Mid cell reinforcement doubling the cell count
  • Non collapsible airfoil
  • Low drag line type and geometry
  • Low fuel consumption

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