GT 2 (beginner/ leisure pilot)

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GT 2 har 100% morofaktor og er en vinge som har potensiale til å gi mange timers flyglede.

A new construction of the V-ribs on A and B only together with some larger cross vents allow a weight gain of 200 to 300gr, without altering its durability.
Line consumption have been slightly reduce, 10m saved on the GT 22, but a more impressive 124 line counts instead of 152 on the previous version make the bridal more clear, and easy to sort out.

Performance have been enhanced by a slight increase of the aspect ratio (4.7vs 4.5) combined with an optimization of the cells width.

No compromise has been done on the safety side!. Pitch less, low aspect ratio, high pressure profile, long brake travel, skin tension balance, all prototypes have been push to their limit to make sure we get the safest glider possible.

Feeling wise, the brake get more homogeneous, more linear and brake travel before stall point reach an incredible 70cm, with a preventing high pressure along the last 10cm.
This factor is extremely important in our eyes: prevent from over reaction, helps low speed flying, without altering the handling precision.
The GT glide beautifully and thanks to its direct brake authority, makes the pilot feels “like at home” straight away!

The GT2.0 has been tested a lot by Gabi, our Girly ambassador, to make it the ideal glider for women (55 till 65kg).
The trimming has been set up slightly faster to emphasize the low part of the all up weight.
The GT2.0 even lowly loaded keep a nice speed.

In this weight range, the GT is very accessible and can be used after school (EN B low).
VS a paraglider, the GT2.0 will have a sharper and more precise handling, an interesting upwind glide and few km/h more.
The turning radius will be smaller allowing to core very efficiently small thermals.
For XC, no worries, the GT2.0 will show some very good capacity, offering its pilot peace of mind thanks to its pitch less, glide upwind and moderate air mass communication. its efficiency in light conditions is pretty descent.
The take off are shorts and still not much pulling in stronger wind thanks to the short lines.

The more you load it, the faster it will fly, and the sharper it will handle, making stronger conditions its predilection range.
The glider loose a bit of its versatility, especially in the low thermal conditions. The GT2.0 remains safe and forgiving.


For mer deltaljer om spesifikasjoner så følg vedlagt link til Little Cloud sin hjemmeside.


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