Kagoo 2 (lightweight)

kr 30500kr 34750

Kagoo 2 er vingen for de som vil ha en super morro vinge på hike and fly turer.

Hike and Fly is a popular type of flying nowadays and the Kagoo2 is dedicated to pilots looking for a super fun wing to bring on for their Hike and Fly adventure, but that’s not all the wing is good for.
Its great performance level will make it the perfect companion for soaringthermaling, and carving the sky… pure Miniwing style!

The Kagoo2 provides the ultimate fun factor, and the best way to find out is by flying it! Rather than the usual fancy gimmicks such as mini ribs, 3D leading edge shaping, etc…, we focused once again on the skin tensions to get the best balanced canopy.
This way allows us to save a good amount of material, therefore not saving on what will make the glider durable in the time (reinforcements, risers…)

Despite the great performance, the Kagoo2 remains pitch stable, a key in safety and ease of use.
It’s designed as a pure Miniwing: with great speed range, incredibly precise handling, and very good glide ratio, even when flying in a headwind.

Although you have to be an experienced pilot to fly the Kagoo2, as with any highly loaded wing, the Kagoo2 offers a high level of passive safety. Can be used in schools with the proper supervision.

Some characteristics are as follows:

TOP and BOTTOM : Dominico 10D
Ribs : MIXED of Porcher 27 and 32gr/m2

Lines: Lyros DC 60-200- unsheathed dyneema


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