Airdesign UFO

Ny og forbedret utgave av den populære UFO fra Airdesign.  Her er hva de selv sier om den nye lettvekts toppturmaskinen. Oppdatert informasjon vil komme på våre produktsider. 

Please listen to The Empire Strikes Back soundtrack while reading this email. Yes, this is totally appropriate to introduce you to our new UFO, the Ultralight Flying Object! Five years after the original one, this new version is crammed with technology to be safer and even more fun. 
The New UFO – Beam me up!


Technical Specifications & Colors

In size 16, the new UFO is EN-B certified from 50 to 90 kg.

With the new UFO, let’s go back to the roots of paragliding: to fly from a mountain, find a thermal and enjoy the glide! Accessible for everyone, this is the easiest to fly, fully usable and complete single surface, no compromise. 
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