XcRacer 2 EN-D

kr 49500kr 52875

En utrolig spennende vinge fra Flow har endelig kommet!! Det ryktes at denne har knall gode ytelser og tilbakemeldingene har bekreftet ryktene!

FLOW XCRACER 2 is a well-balanced, no-compromise project where all the latest innovation and technologies were applied to achieve maximum efficiency and performance.

It is noticeably easier and more comfortable to fly compared to its predecessor, and more solid at trim and full speed.

We designed this glider for champions who are chasing XC distance records or the top of the podium, and it will suit pilots accustomed to flying high-performance wings.


  • Advanced shark nose airfoil
  • Precise rear riser steering
  • Reduced line layout
  • Advanced internal tensioning
  • Minimum drag aerofoil
  • Optimised lift coefficient

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